2018 bug 日记

1/5/2018 bug log

# July

Jul 17 (opens new window) Darknet, YOLO, write the patent, new version.

Jul 18 (opens new window) Flask web development, with Visual Studio

Jul 23 (opens new window) Flask video stream

Jul 24 (opens new window) Flask database: MongoDB

Jul 25 Flask unit test; meeting about Flask site develop

Jul 26 (opens new window) visit NLP team; rebuild CSI tool(ERROR in log_to_file ); modify one_key_install.sh (opens new window)

Jul 27 (opens new window) Flask 404 page, rendering templates

Jul 28 test bootstrap: how to import flask from flask_bootstrap and use it in extends ; Flask struct, FAILED and checkout all code(sad..); path import problem

Jul 29 (opens new window) add new branch bootstrap_test and SUCCESS import (opens new window)

Jul 30 (opens new window) add new function into bootstrap_test branch; initialize the app by flask extend; Flask-Moment to show time format

# August

Aug 01 Flask MongoDB initialization

Aug 02 (opens new window) solved path problem in Flask; Login v1.0 with wtforms ; new Struct v2.0; blueprint (opens new window)

Aug 03 @property in Python; login in terminal

Aug 22 (opens new window) @mian.route() usage; SQLite

Aug 23 switches by Flask Forms

Aug 30 Flask PyMongo, bootstrap CSS, CDN, Jinja block

Aug 31 (opens new window) Charts, JavaScript used in Flask

# September

Sep 01 Charts.js , npm

Sep 05 responsive charts

Sep 06 solved problem, kramdown problem, fix bug highlight problem in Jekyll, with highlight.js (opens new window)

Sep 11 (opens new window) Flask-SocketIO

Sep 12 rebuild struct, add the extra servers for socket server

Sep 13 CSS !important usage

Sep 14 Vundle.vim (opens new window),plugin: YCM (opens new window)

Sep 15 Mongo DB restore, rebuild Flask site, implemented web camera

Sep 18 Dashboard, the new version of frontend

Sep 19 Start vue.js , vuepress docs

Sep 24 Update README.md make the site easy to deploy for non-professionals

Sep 25 Deploy the site in Aliyun, let the site available via IP address:, new Tencent server IP is

Sep 26 Debug the site, delete unused files, Jinja2 will not be used in the future

Sep 27 Use Vue.js rebuild site’s frontend, start Vue Cli3 , make the backend and frontend separated

Sep 28 Deploy the radar device, apply for custom domain, server migration

# October

Oct 10 Create a qqbot

Oct 11 Vuex and components

Oct 12 Write some components in vuepress

Oct 15 Vue v-on and v-model

Oct 16 Vue dev-tools , custom directives .focus() and keyup.enter

Oct 18 Vue animation, custom css using Animate.css

Oct 19 Vue todo app, make some css beautiful

Oct 22 Use the vue-element-admin , build vuepress site with new function: Discuss by Valine

Oct 23 Use element UI to build a table(data from radar project by axios), make the table adjustable and read data by props

Oct 24 Element UI date component: add a new function date choose, vue-router, import element ui in enhanceApp.js

Oct 25 Add a new table attribution: angle, and make the project home dashboard more professional; add new map using <iframe> ; tool: Studio 3T for MongoDB

Oct 26 MongoDb database’s CRUD

Oct 29 Vue-router: query, params, children

# November

Nov 01 basic webpack

Nov 02 basic css

Nov 05 (opens new window) new site header: Books, different between Process and Thread

Nov 06 String problem solved(1/2)

Nov 07 Vector and extral string konwledge(2/2), iterator

Nov 08 Iterator usage, sequential containers

Nov 12 (opens new window) Sample markdown editor, c++ sequential-server

Nov 13 (opens new window) A custom editor build with c. phase 1, init the project with VS, remote debug in subsystem, config the sshd_config allows the password authentication in /etc/ssh ; Custom editor mode: raw mode; Using sys/ioctl.h to get the window size.

Nov 14 (opens new window) Editor key press, editorKey including 'WASD' and 'PAGEUP' 'PAGEDOWN'.

Nov 18 New function: scorll

Nov 19 (opens new window) add render tab, add empty inverted color black status bar, add message bar, learn: variadic function

Nov 20 New function: insert chars and prevent inserting special characters; dirty flag for modified file, and quit confirmation.

Nov 21 Fix bug: backspace invalid error, backsapcing at the start of a line.

Nov 22 finish the text editor basic functions.

Nov 26 book reading, git tag (opens new window)

Nov 27 update the new version and format the time using moment, add a function: marquee

Nov 28 moment in js

# December

Dec 03 fix bug in vuepress; search function in kilo editor; fix bug: time local error (opens new window): lang: zh-ch

Dec 04 update blog, add new label: project, and move python lable to code

Dec 05 Emailjs (opens new window)

Dec 10 VPS and BOOK: c++ primer # 2

Dec 12 map, unordered map, some cpp functions

Dec 14 - Dec 18 Small app in Wechat

Dec 26 Make new version blog: remove categories, make blog simple.

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