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9/14/2019 databasepython

# Peewee


from peewee import *
mysql_db = MySQLDatabase('my_database')

class BaseModel(Model):
    class Meta:
        database = mysql_db

class User(BaseModel):
    username = CharField()
    # etc, etc
    class Meta:
        table_name = "database_name"

在数据库中使用 sql 语句创建表字段,然后可以使用 User model 对其进行操作。

# Query operators (opens new window)


Comparison Meaning
<< x IN y
>> x IS y
% x LIKE y
** x ILIKE y

LIKE 和 ILIKE 操作符可以模糊匹配字符串,LIKE 是一般用法,ILIKE 匹配时则不区分字符串的大小写。

ORM vs Python Grammar

So just remember:

  • Use .in_() and .not_in() instead of in and not in
  • Use & instead of and
  • Use | instead of or
  • Use ~ instead of not
  • Use .is_null() instead of is None or == None.
  • Don’t forget to wrap your comparisons in parentheses when using logical operators.
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