1. Follow the tutorial

  2. Test whether the Docker is installed correctly (Ubuntu 16.04)

    sudo docker container run hello-world
    docker --version
    sudo docker info
    sudo docker image ls (-all)
  3. List the versions available in your repo:

    apt-cache madison docker-ce


Make sure all is set up:

docker run hello-world

Run the app, before this, a Dockerfile should be created:

sudo docker run -p 4000:80 friendlyhello

sudo docker run -d -p 4000:80 friendlyhello
# run on background

将 Docker 的 80 端口映射出去至 4000 端口,如果是在后台运行的话,可查看:

sudo docker container ls

sudo docker container stop 1fa4a...

Share images

  1. Login

  2. Tag the image

  3. Push the image

  4. Pull

sudo docker login

sudo docker tag friendlyhello weigaochen/get-started:part2
# docker tag image username/respository:tag

sudo docker image ls
sudo docker push weigaochen/get-started:part2

sudo docker run -p 4000:801 weigaochen/get-started:part2


  • 通过 docker-compose.yml 来配置,在其中引用已经 Published 的 image

    A docker-compose.yml file is a YAML file that defines how Docker containers should behave in production.

  • Run the new load-balanced app

    sudo docker swarm init
    sudo docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml getstartedlab

    注意到其中的 getstartedlab 是我们给 app 起的一个名字

  • 查看:sudo docker service ls

    注意到 NAME 属性的值为 getstartedlab_web.


A single container running in a service is called a task.

Let us list the task:

sudo service ps getstartedlab_web

如果顺利的话,这时候可以看到 5 个 task: getstartedlab_web.1getstartedlab_web.5, 原因是我们在 docker-compose.yml 文件中配置了 5 个 replices.


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