Algorithm Analysis and Design

Loops and Recursive

1. Asymptotic Growth

2. O-notation

  • O-notation(Bog-O), When we say “the running time is O(n2)O(n^2)” we mean that the worst-case running time is O(n2)O(n^2) – the best case might be better. (渐进上界)
  • When we say “the running time is Ω(n2)” we mean that the best-case running time is $$Ω(n^2)$$ – the worst case might be worse.(渐进下界)

3. Recurrences

  • Substitution method
  • Recursion-tree method
  • Master method

Simplified Master Theorem:

Let a1a \geq 1 and b>1b > 1 be constants and let T(n)T(n) be the recurrence T(n)=aT(nb)+cnkT(n) = aT(\frac{n}{b}) + cn^k, defined for n0n \geq 0.

  1. If a>bka > b^k, then T(n)=Θ(nlogab)T(n) = \Theta(n^ {log_{a}b}).
  2. If a=bka = b^k, then T(n)=Θ(nklogn)T(n) = \Theta(n^ k{logn}).
  3. If a<bka < b^k then T(n)=Θ(nk)T(n) = \Theta(n^k).


1. Merge Sort

T(n)=O(nlog2n)T(n) = O(nlog_{2}n)

another example:

  • Counting Inversions
  • Matrix Multiplication:
    • Brute Force(暴力): O(n3)O(n^3) arithmetic operations

2. Quick Sort

  • Worst-case running time Θ(n2)\Theta(n^2):
    • input sorted or reverse sorted, partition around min or max element.
    • one side of partition has no elements.
    • T(n) = T(0) + T(n–1) + cn
  • Expected running time O(nlgn)O(nlgn)
    • If we are really lucky, partition splits the array evenly n/2 : T(n)=2T(n/2)+Θ(n)=Θ(nlgn)

Divide and conquer: partition, pivot


Action of build max-heap:

  1. 找到最后一个节点的父亲节点

Priority Queues

Elements of DP Algorithms

  • Optimal substructure
  • Overlapping subproblems
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